The Crew
Cut Boys

A Summer of Mishaps

Full Book Synopsis/summary:

At the beginning of the summer, Paul, Ray, Michael and Patrick got themselves in a sticky mess while trying to hide from the girls. Not only did the girls get a good laugh out of it, but the boys had to endure some painful clean up attempts by their moms.

When Pop Flipper came to their rescue, they were happy to see him. Pop Flipper is always there for them with the best advice and seems to have the answer to everything. So, when he showed up to save them from the girl’s laughter and the torturous clean up by their moms, the boys were eager to go with him.

However, they were in for a big change and this was just the beginning of their summer to remember.


1. Mattie turned her nose up at the sight of the sticky mess with pine needles, watermelon seeds and dirt.


2. When they first arrived at the creek, no one else was there so the boys ran to the water as fast as they could.


3. If they don’t fit those two big ugly feet, we’ll find some that will.